8 Book Formatting Tips for Your Fiction or Non-Fiction Manuscript

What are fiction and non-fiction book formatting tips to help you nail the fundamentals?   Making a great first impression with your book is vital, and hopefully, by following some of the book formatting tips, you’ll be off to a great start. Regardless of whether you’re self-publishing a fiction or non-fiction book, professional book formatting […]View post →

Are You Self-Publishing? Avoid These Common Formatting Mistakes!

Are You Self-Publishing Avoid These Common Formatting Mistakes!
If you’re planning on self-publishing, then avoiding these common formatting mistakes is vital!   Just because you’re self-publishing your book, it doesn’t mean that you need to format it like a self-published book. If you want that premium, traditionally published book look and feel, then avoid these common formatting mistakes. These days self-publishing has become […]View post →

Book Design and Formatting Australia | Everything You Ever Wanted To Know!

Book Design Australia - Everything You Ever Wanted To Learn!
The Complete Guide to Book Design and Formatting in Australia!   Are you taking your book design and formatting seriously? It could mean the difference between a one-star review and a five-star review! Book design and formatting is one of the most essential components of your book. Regardless of format, paperback or ebook, or what […]View post →