Trevor Takes Flight

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Trevor Takes Flight

 Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Category: ASA Children's Book  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group  Published: September 7, 2023  Country: Australia  Buy Now
 Book Description:

Trever wasn’t like every other goose. Sure, he looked like them. He even sounded like them.

However, there was one teeny tiny little difference between Trevor and all the other birds. Trevor couldn’t fly. Not even a little bit. That wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for one thing. Winter. It was awfully cold in Canada during the winter, and Trevor didn’t enjoy the snow and ice. Not one little bit. When it came time to migrate south for the winter, Trevor couldn’t go. He was stuck in Canada all by himself. Alone. Until it started to get warmer, and all his friends returned from their journey.

However, this year would be different. Trevor was determined to learn to fly; one way or another, he would make it happen!



Author Name: Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Genre/s: Children’s Books / Young Adult

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