The Hunted

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The Hunted

 Author: Tayla Holborrow  Category: ASA Dystopian, ASA Fiction  Publisher: Self-Published  Published: April 3, 2023  Country: Australia  Buy Now
 Book Description:

It’s the year 2150, and despite America having crumbled into a poverty-stricken dictatorship, no one dares question the leadership of President Caine. No one, that is, but 16-year-old orphan, Jennifer Wolfe.

In a desperate attempt to save her siblings from Caine’s slave labor camps, Jen stumbles upon a horrifying Government secret that could end his reign. She knows that exposing the President is her last hope of saving what’s left of her family. However, she also knows it’s likely to be a death sentence…

Led by her heart and refusing to give in to the President’s threats, Jen’s survival skills are pushed to the limit as she flees through the wilderness on a mission to unravel a web of unimaginable secrets. With the President’s best men constantly on her tail, Jen finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Forced to make decisions that weigh love against survival, Jen knows her time is running out and soon realises if she is going to win, she’ll need to find the courage to face her deepest fears.




About the Author

Author Name: Tayla Holborow

Genre/s: Dystopian, Adventure, and Mystery/Thriller

Author Social Media Links: InstagramGoodreadsBookBub, & Amazon Author Central.

Book Title: The Hunted

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