Softball Strikeout: The New Girl

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Softball Strikeout: The New Girl

 Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Category: ASA Children's Chapter Book  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group  Published: July 6, 2023  Country: Australia  Tags: Author Ben JacksonAuthor Sam Lawrence |  Buy Now
 Book Description:

It’s time to throw your way into Softball Strikeout!

For Olivia, a new town, school, and softball team were possibly the last things on her mind, but after being told they’d be moving, it was now becoming a reality. Not only would she need to make new friends, but she’d also have to prove herself on her new softball team all over again.

Olivia lived and breathed softball. Growing up, the only sport she’d ever been interested in was softball, and with her dad teaching her, she’d become a pretty good pitcher.

However, finding herself now living in Greenville meant that she’d have to try out for the Blue Jays and earn her spot as a pitcher if she wanted any chance of playing softball this year. Making new friends at a new school was hard enough, but fighting your way onto one of the best softball teams in the division could be even harder.

Will Olivia make the team, and will she be able to make new friends? Or would it all go horribly wrong? Read Softball Strikeout The New Girl now to find out!

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Author Name: Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Genre/s: Children’s Books | Young Adult | Non-Fiction

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