Kate Learns the Rainbow

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Kate Learns the Rainbow

 Author: Tara Wright  Category: ASA Children's Book  Publisher: Self-Published  Published: October 14, 2022  Country: Australia  Tags: Author Tara Wright |  Buy Now
 Book Description:

‘Kate Learns the Rainbow’ is a fun to read, bright, colourful and educational Children’s Book.

Join Kate while she learns all about the different colours of the Rainbow.

Have you ever wondered how colours are made?
What colours mix together to make a new shade?
How many are there, would you like to know?
Then come and join Kate as she learns the Rainbow!

Dedicated to Rainbow Babies




About the Author

Author Name: Tara Wright

Genre/s: Children’s Picture Book

Social Media: Amazon Author CentralFacebook, and Instagram.

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The Kate Collection – Kate Learns the Rainbow


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