Don’t Fart In The Pool

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Don’t Fart In The Pool

 Author: Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence  Category: ASA Children's Book  Publisher: Indie Publishing Group  Published: July 5, 2020  Country: Australia  Tags: Author Ben JacksonAuthor Sam Lawrence |  Buy Now
 Book Description:

A small mistake could potentially haunt you for years to come, and one little ‘slip’ could be what haunts Stan for the rest of his life!

It may have started with an epic taco fiesta to end all taco fiestas but ended with the mother of all disasters for young Stanley. What should have been an uneventful swim at the local swimming pool quickly turned into a world-class environmental disaster!

This beautifully illustrated children’s book highlights the risks of and dangers associated with ‘farting’ in the pool. Read along as one small mistake changes Stan’s life forever, and the consequences of following through are made plain to see by all!

Author Ben Jackson – We’ve all been there. It’s a tremendously fine line between stealthy and squelchy. It’s easy to make mistakes in life, and one of the best things about silly mistakes is being able to look back and laugh about it. This book is in no way based on any real events or people – I promise!

If you love reading and laughing along with your children, then you’ll love Don’t Fart In The Pool! The perfect book for the fart enthusiast in your life!



Author Name: Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Genre/s: Children’s Books / Young Adult

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