Author Interview with Australian Author Luci Fer

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Author Interview with Australian Author Luci Fer

Welcome to Author Services Australia author Luci Fer, and welcome to our author interviews! If you could start by introducing yourself to everyone, let them know where you’re from and some of your interests and hobbies.

I reside in Brisbane, Australia, and my writing adventure began in university, where Drama and English were more than just subjects—they were stepping stones to a dream of creating relatable, engaging stories for me. I originally started as a playwright, and later adapted some of these to novels as they stand today.

Apart from weaving narratives, my interests lie in being an avid supporter of Liverpool football club and reveling in the excitement of Supercar events which I travel around Australia for. I also enjoy live theatre. Spare time is spent with my two fur babies, Blue Staffordshire Terriers Hades and Persephone.

What inspired you to start writing?

My mother had always written poetry and children’s books. Growing up, I remember spending weekends with her watching her work as a storyteller in a Fairies Cottage at Toowong, enchanting young children with her own stories, and many classics. When I finished high school I went on to University to study Drama and English. My dream was always to write theatre and direct theatre, but it transformed over the years. Back in 2018, I adapted a script I originally wrote for a University assessment into a novel and finally started sharing my work. It did better than I anticipated, and readers were asking for more. Today it now sits as a 4 part series that was picked up by Galatea in 2020.

What is your preferred genre to write in?

I write across many, but I feel most comfortable with RomCom. The world is already serious enough, so being able to enjoy what I do while bringing a smile to someone else’s face brings me great satisfaction.

What is your writing process?

I have playlists set up for each of my works, and I turn them on and listen to them in a dark room to really concentrate on the lyrics. It helps to get me in the right frame of mind for what I am working on. I also eat carrots. I blame my parents for this as they always forced the fact they are supposedly ‘brain food.

What is one thing you wish you knew now that you didn’t know when you started writing?

Write first and edit later. If you are trying to critique and write at the same time, it can become burdensome quickly, as well as disheartening. Let the story flow, and worry about the dissection later. Very good advice. An unfinished book will sell no copies. Done will always be better than chasing perfection, and after all, that’s why we have great editors. ~ Clayton H.

What was the hardest part of self-publishing?

Imposter Syndrome, which I still struggle with today. Sometimes I question why I feel I have the right to monetise my art, but I have always tried to make it easily accessible and reasonably priced. I have many readers who have supported me from when I first started on a platform that paid me to write, but gave them the option to read for free, so when I made the transition to publishing, I didn’t want them disadvantaged by it.

If you use a pen name, why and how did you come up with it?

Tour Series - Author Luci Fer - Author Services AustraliaI use a pen name due to my day job. I love being an author and equally, what I do outside of writing, and selfishly didn’t want to give up either. I also wanted to keep them separate. With the support of my incredible lawyer, Anthony, who has not only guided me through this transition and sit up, but also actively empowered me to believe in myself, I now feel confident that I have not only protected my works, but also my identity as an author that I worked hard to establish.

As for the pen name, it came from a childhood nickname that was modified.

Which book is your favorite and why?

My Tour Series is extremely special to me. I am also a big reader, and I found many Australian Authors set their books overseas. I was craving something that showed the uniqueness and mateship of our culture, and I feel I created something special with this series. The banter, the friendship, and the landscape all make my country extremely special to me.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Peter Robinson, KC Lynn, JL Vanders, Christina Poteet, Lizzy Pelton, Zavi James, and Jonathan Kellerman.

What are you working on right now?

I am in the final part of edits for Book 3 with Tour Series before sending it off to my editor. I am also doing my personal edits to a suspense novel due next year, which has been different from everything else I have written to date.

How do you handle a bad review?

I look for the constructive criticisms that can be found in it. If we aren’t receptive to critique we can’t grow, and that stretches to all walks of life. I also try to remind myself that my work isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. I am still appreciative that the person took the time to invest in my art, and I can’t begrudge that, whether it was for them or not.

What’s next for you as an author?

I am about to do my first Author appearance in January next year, which I am very much looking forward to. I have the privilege of attending The First Chapter Book Store opening shop day in Adelaide. Jess has had an online store and has been incredibly supportive of my work, so I am looking forward to returning that in kind to her on the 13th of January.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Where I am today, and still growing. The transitions I have experienced over the last few years have made me a much happier person in who I am and what I do. I want to continue to grow, learn, and push myself.

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Telekinesis–Then I wouldn’t have to climb supermarket shelves like a spider monkey, and I could just move them to where I could reach.

Where is your ultimate holiday destination?

The Isle of Skye in Scotland.

What are some of the items on your bucket list?

Scuba Dive the Silfra Fissure in Iceland. Witness the Edinburgh Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. Watch Liverpool play in a Champions League game in the stadium and not just on television, and Visit Tromso, Norway, to see the Northern Lights.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do an author interview, Luci Fer!

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Author Spotlight with Author Luci Fer - Author Services Australia

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