Introducing TasWriters

Introducing TasWriters

All Tasmanian authors or writers should consider checking out TasWriters!


TasWriters LogoLocal author and writer organisations such as TasWriters are essential to local Tasmanian authors and writers, especially new authors. If you’re just getting started in the self-publishing world, you need all the support and advice you can get.

You can visit their website here to learn more about what TasWriters offers local Tasmanian authors and writers. If you are a Tasmanian author looking for professional self-publishing services in Australia, please contact us at Author Services Australia.

As part of our ongoing series on local Australian writer and author groups, let’s look at what TasWriters offers Tasmanian authors.


What Is the TasWriters Organisation and What Do They Do?

The goal of TasWriters is to encourage, support, and promote Tasmanian authors and writers in their journey to write and create stories and books.

If you’re a Tasmanian author looking to find out more about the Tasmanian literary scene, get important updates and information on local author events, or just find writing support, TasWriters is a great place to do it. They are open to all writing and author-related queries from their members.

Their goal is to:

            • Promote, develop, and support Tasmanian writers and authors throughout all stages of their careers.
            • Provide a hub for local Tasmanian authors to find information, resources, and information, including a network of experienced and established local authors.
            • Develop links and connect with other organisations, including TasTAFE, UTAS, schools, libraries, and other local writing-related organisations.


What Are Some of the Benefits They Offer Tasmanian Writers and Authors?

When you join TasWriters, you get access to the following benefits, including:

            • Connection to other Tasmanian writing groups, including Republic Readings, Women’s Poetry Oasis, and Seasonal Poets.
            • Regular online newsletters which provide information on events, competitions, and opportunities for Tasmanian writers.
            • Access to their Members Only Pages.
            • 10% discount at the Hobart Bookshop. Check out our full article Introducing the Hobart Bookshop
            • Courses and workshops for different genres including memoirs, fiction, science fiction, and children’s literature and kid’s books.
            • Access to their professional manuscript assessment service.
            • Publisher meets and greets where authors and writers can pitch books to Australian publishers and publishing companies.
            • Access to Tasmanian-based marketing events.
            • Mentoring services from professionals.
            • Youth writing services such as the Twitch Youth Program.
            • Access to the Hidden Stories program for Indigenous writers.
            • Writer’s festivals which are held annually in both Southern and Northern Tasmania.


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

Joining TasWriters is quick and easy via their online link, which is available here.

They offer several membership options, including full membership for $75, concession $50, and students $25.

Connecting with TasWriters is easy. You can subscribe to their website updates or connect with them via social media on Facebook, Instagram, and X-Twitter.


Introducing TasWriters – Conclusion

There you go, everything you wanted to know about TasWriters, including what they do, what they offer their members, how much it costs to join, and how to connect with them. It’s an excellent organisation for Tasmanian authors and writers and well worth a closer look.

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