Introducing the Australian Society of Authors

Introducing the Australian Society of Authors

What is the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), and what do they do?


The Australian Society of Authors (ASA) was originally formed in 1963 as an organization to protect and promote the rights of Australian authors and illustrators.

The ASA has been instrumental in several successful campaigns to improve the working lives of Australian illustrators and authors, including establishing the Public Lending Rights (PLR), Educational Lending Rights (ELR), and also in setting up the Copyright Agency, Australian Copyright Council, and the International Authors Forum.Australian Society of Authors Logo

Over forty years ago, the Australian Society of Authors was an integral part of a cultural renaissance that saw Australian authors, publishers, actors, and filmmakers flourish.

Australia is fortunate to boast a publishing industry worth almost $2 billion in revenue and employs over 20,000 Australians.


What Benefits Does the Australian Society of Authors Offer Members?

The ASA offers a variety of member benefits, including:

  • Access to their free members-only advice section.
  • Membership pricing and discounts for writing and illustrating resources, guides, and courses.
  • Exclusive access to Authors Legal, a legal service for Australian illustrators and authors.
  • Membership pricing for professional development events and masterclasses.
  • Exclusive access to Australian publishers and agents.
  • Discounts on popular mentorship programs.
  • Discounted award entry and residencies.
  • Member access to job opportunities.
  • Member access to public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Exclusive access to distribution arrangements.
  • Access to the ASA Facebook group, newsletters, and much more!

To find out if you’re eligible to join the ASA and pricing plans, please click here.

They have three membership options, Full Member, Associate Member, and Organisational Member.


Introducing the ASA – Conclusion

If you’re an Australian author or aspiring author, then the Australian Society of Authors is definitely worth investigating. They have a lot of resources and access to information which is perfect for an up-and-coming Australian author.

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Author Services Australia is not affiliated with the Australian Society of Authors, and this post is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. Please verify all information with the organizers before making any membership purchases, and don’t hesitate to contact them directly with any questions.

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