Amazon Book Categories Has Changed for Authors!

amazon book categories

Amazon Book Categories Has Changed for Authors!

What has changed about Amazon book categories, and how will it affect you as an author?


If you didn’t know already, Amazon book categories have changed, or the way authors choose them has. The first I knew about the new Amazon category situation was when I uploaded my latest book and sent off the usual email requesting for changes to categories. The next thing I know, I’m getting an email back from KDP about how to adjust my categories myself.

Mind blown! Maybe I missed an email? Who knows. Moving forward, authors will be able to pick three categories through their dashboard when they update or upload a new book. So, no more emailing Amazon KDP help with your 10 requested browse paths.


How Do the Changes to Amazon Book Categories Affect Authors?

Until now, you could choose two categories when you uploaded a new ebook or paperback to Amazon KDP. After your book has been published, you send an email to KDP help and request that they add your book to up to 10 more browse paths.

In theory, this allowed you to put your book in the Amazon book categories that were most likely to appeal to readers. However, unfortunately, many authors threw their books into categories that weren’t relevant at all in the hopes they would reach #1 and gain more visibility. It didn’t make customers’ lives any easier. It often leads to a negative shopping experience, and Amazon is all about its customers and giving them a better experience on its platform.

Bear in mind Amazon only ever displayed the three best-performing book categories under your book listing.

Overall, it was a pretty clunky way to add your book to different categories.

Now, authors can select up to three Amazon book categories straight from their KDP Dashboard. If your books are published to Amazon through a hybrid, vanity, or publisher, they must make changes on your behalf.


What Should Authors Do with Their Categories Now?

If you have already published your book and chosen categories or requested additional categories, then the best idea is to do nothing. The chances of Amazon removing your books from categories indiscriminately are pretty book categories

You can check your existing categories by visiting your KDP Dashboard. Or simply by going to your book on Amazon. Scroll down and look at what the top three categories are under the book’s information.

If you would like to learn more about the new Amazon’s new book category changes and you love podcasts, then check out AME’s fantastic author podcast series.


The Way Authors Select Amazon Book Categories Has Changed – Conclusion

There you go! Everything you wanted to know about Amazon’s change to its categories and how it will affect you as an author. Regardless of changes, it’s vital as a self-published author to stay up-to-date with the latest changes that could affect you.

If you have any questions about Amazon book categories or need help self-publishing your book, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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