Do You Need Help with Fiction Ebook Formatting?

Do You Need Help with Fiction Ebook Formatting

Do You Need Help with Fiction Ebook Formatting?

If you’re struggling with fiction ebook formatting, we’re here to help!


Fiction ebook formatting can be a real pain sometimes. If you are a new Australian or New Zealand self-published author, and you’ve tried to format an ebook, you probably already know this. That’s why we created this detailed and informative formatting guide for authors.fiction book formatting - frustrated Australian author

You do everything the website suggests, follow the instructions to the letter, and still get an error message at the end of the process. Unfortunately, you’re not alone if you have struggled with fiction ebook formatting.

Luckily, there’s an easy and affordable way to get professional fiction formatting. At Author Services Australia, we offer a variety of affordable fiction formatting services for Australian and New Zealand self-published authors.

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How Do Our Book Formatting Services Work?

Did you know that most formatting companies providing ebook formatting services offer a package deal? This includes us at Author Services Australia. We offer ebook formatting and paperback formatting, but you get a package price when you choose both formats at the same time.

Why is this? We often get asked why getting ebook and paperback book formatting at the same time is cheaper than getting them done separately at different times. We’ll explain below in more detail.

For the book formatting process, we use the advanced design program Adobe InDesign.

We start with your manuscript in a word.doc and import that word.doc into Adobe InDesign. Once we have your book manuscript in Adobe InDesign, our experienced formatting team then apply all the correct formatting rules. This first step in the formatting process works on your paperback interior formatting.

When the paperback book formatting is completed, it’s exported as a PDF, ready to upload to your chosen platform.

Once you’re 100% happy with the paperback version, we use that completed PDF to create your ebook file. This could be either a Mobi or ePub file. It depends on what type of book you are getting formatted, fixed format or reflowable, and where you plan on self-publishing your books. That’s why we give you a discount if you choose both print and ebook formatting rather than just ebook formatting.

Even if you’re just planning on self-publishing an ebook, a paperback option is a good idea. It’s an excellent idea for special giveaways, promotions, or just for author events and book signings.


Where Can Australian Authors Self-Publish Their Ebook?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers both ebook and paperback POD options for free! Recently, IngramSpark Publishing also dropped their fees for new books and now offers Australian self-published authors another alternative self-publishing platform.

It’s 100% possible to format your ebook yourself if you are on a tight budget or have the hours to spend learning all the different programs involved. However, there are some fundamental rules to book formatting that you need to follow. Otherwise, you risk putting out a book that’s not formatted in a way that readers find attractive, and you could get a bad review or bad feedback.

If you need help with fiction ebook formatting, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our friendly and professional book formatting team at Author Services Australia would be more than happy to provide you with an affordable quote on ebook formatting services.


Do You Need Help with Fiction Ebook Formatting? – Conclusion

Getting your book formatted for uploading and publishing is almost the final step in the process, and we’re just as excited to see your final product as you are! If you have been looking for fiction book formatting, non-fiction book formatting, or children’s book formatting, we’d love to be part of your self-publishing journey!

Contact us today for an affordable quote on any book formatting services.

Need any assistance with self-publishing, such as ghostwriting, editing, formatting, cover design, or uploading? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help.

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