How to Get a Free Editorial Review of Your Book!

How to Get a Free Editorial Review of Your Book!

How to Get a Free Editorial Review of Your Book!

If you’re looking for a free editorial review of your book to add to your editorial sections on Amazon or other self-publishing platforms, this is how you get one!


Getting a free editorial review or any reviews for your book is never easy for an author. The more books you sell, the easier it gets, but the percentage of customers that leave a review is still small compared to the number of people that buy them. From personal experience, about 1 out of every 100 organic purchases leave a review for your book.

Amazon Kindle has a section where you can upload an editorial review. This is a review that you have organized through a company such as Reader’s Favorite. Reader’s Favorite offers all authors the opportunity to get 1 free review through their team of reviewers. Of course, it’s not guaranteed, and neither is the outcome of the review, but it’s a great way to get that editorial review for your book.

You simply have to create an account, head to the submission section, submit your book and cover, and then it’s a waiting game. Sometimes you get a review fairly quickly. Other times, it can take a few weeks to a month.

NetGalley is another great place to get reviews for your book, but it does cost money to add a book to NetGalley. However, you have the opportunity to get more than one review which is great.

Once you have your review, head to your Author Central and add the review to the appropriate section. Within a few days, your review will show up on your book listing on Amazon.

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How to Get a Free Editorial Review of Your Book! – Conclusion

There you go! The easiest way to get a free editorial review for your book as well as a paid option if you’re looking to invest in your book.

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