How Do You Get Writing Ideas?

How Do You Get Writing Ideas

How Do You Get Writing Ideas?

What gets your creative juices flowing as a writer?


As a writer, it’s often hard to develop ideas for stories, characters, or even plots. Right now, I have just finished a children’s chapter book. The next step is editing, then on to formatting for interior design, illustrations, cover, and then publishing. It’s always great to check off one book and get ready for the next, but what’s next?

When you’re working on a series of books with established characters and environments, it’s a little bit easier. This is because you already have a lot to work with and various ways to branch off and explore. However, when you’re working with a new book, there’s a lot of groundwork that needs to be laid before you get started.

It’s really easy to get sidetracked. Well, for me, anyway. One minute I’m writing a blog, the next minute, I’m Googling different places I could visit for a holiday. Totally unrelated to whatever I initially started searching for. The next minute, it’s three hours later, and my planned work for the day is completely gone to ruin. See, this blog is already slightly off-track.create

Sometimes, I find it beneficial to just sit in front of the computer and start writing down ideas. If you prefer, you could do it the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper. However, everyone is different, so finding the best method for you is always going to be more productive.

While you’re sitting inside during the cold winter months, it could be a great time to get some writing done.


How Do You Get Your Writing Ideas? – Conclusion

I’d love to know how other writers come up with their ideas. Do you actively research potential book ideas, or do you wait for inspiration to strike? Comment below with your strategy, and you could just assist a future bestseller!

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