How to Write A Book Description that Kills!

How to Write a Book Description that Kills!

How to Write A Book Description that Kills!

Tips and tricks to writing the perfect book description every author should know!


After checking out the cover, what’s the next thing that you look out for when you’re potentially searching for a new book to read? Regardless of where you’re shopping, I’m betting that it’s going to be the book description. What does that mean for you as an author or writer? You need to learn how to write a book description that sells your book!

Not just any book description either. You need to write a book description that kills!

However, what goes into creating the ultimate book description? In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can write a book description that sells your book!


What Is A Book Description?

Once a potential buyer appraises your book’s cover, the next thing they’ll check out is the book description. Is the book description enough to get them to take the step and click that buy it now button?

Three key factors play a massive role in whether someone buys your book or chooses to buy someone else’s:

  1. Title
  2. Cover
  3. Book Description

As the author of the book, there is a tendency to want to cram every bit of detail into your book description. Unfortunately, while you have more room in the online description, your back cover is only so big, so you need to knock it out of the park with only a few paragraphs.

Your book description isn’t a summary of your book or a book report about your book. It’s an advertisement for your book. Your description is an advertisement, and it should be written accordingly. If you think of your book description as more like a marketing tool and less like a book report about your book, you’ll be able to create a description that sells!


How to Write A Book Description for Any Book!

In this section, we’ll look at five tips that are key to writing a killer book description!

#1. Keep It Short and Sweet – Your book description should be between 150-250 words and approximately three paragraphs of text. Remember, you aren’t telling them the whole story. You’re advertising your book. So what are the hooks for your story? What makes your book different from other books? What stands out? And how is it unique to every other book in the same genre?

#2. Write In the Third Person – Remember, you’re not telling a story with your book description. It’s an advertisement. Third-person is a great way to tell potential customers about your book and why they need to read it.

#3. Don’t Go Over the Top with the Language – This isn’t the time for verbose writing or extensive prose. Instead, you want to use straightforward terms that appeal to your potential customers. If your book has a good plot, it will sell your book for you!

#4. Create a Hook – Your book description needs a great hook, just like your book. No one is reading your book description or your book if the description is plain and boring. When people are looking at the first line or paragraph of your book description, is it enough to get them to take the next step and buy it? Irony is a great way to create a compelling hook.

#5. Don’t Forget Keywords – Emotional keywords will help sell both fiction and nonfiction books. Power words are a popular search on Google. Another consideration is what are people Googling or searching for when they look for books online. Try to include keywords that people would use in their search terms.


Tips for Writing a Killer Book Description! – Conclusion

There you go! Five great tips for the next time you sit down and write your book description. If you only take away one thing, remember to keep it short and sweet. It’s an advertisement, not a novel!

If you need help with writing a killer book description or any assistance with book formatting or layout and design, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with your requirements, or you can email us now at: if you would like to learn more about self-publishing!

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