Why Professional Fiction Formatting Makes Sense!

Why Professional Fiction Formatting Makes Sense!

If you have been struggling with your fiction formatting, then it’s time to forget the stress and leave it to a professional!


You put a lot of effort into your book, but you’re also looking to save some money throughout the self-publishing journey. It’s always a balance as an indie author or self-published author. Where do you try and save some money? On professional fiction formatting? How do you know which part of the process is worth investing in, and what can you do without? So again, it’s a balancing act.

Realistically, the truth is that the whole book is worth investing in, and speaking from personal experience, I would rather wait a little longer and release a book that’s perfect, rather than rush or try and cut corners to release a book that I skipped a couple of steps on.

At Author Services Australia, we can professionally finish your fiction book with affordable, professional, and publishing industry-standard formatting. As a result, your book will look as good as trade published fiction book, if not even better! At Author Services Australia, we are also an Alliance of Independent Authors Partner.professional fiction formatting

We offer various formatting services, including fiction formatting, non-fiction formatting, design services, children’s book formatting, and biography formatting.

3 Reasons Why Professional Fiction Formatting Makes Sense!

  1. Professional Formatting Is Easier to Read!

Not only is professional formatting designed to make your book easier to read, but it also makes it easier to read on multiple platforms and devices. Readers these days use a variety of different devices to read ebooks. Therefore, you need to make sure that your fiction book is formatted correctly, so it looks great no matter what readers are reading it on!

  1. Professional Formatting Adds Décor to Your Book!

One of the design features that we can incorporate into your fiction book is beautiful décor that perfectly matches your genre and book. In addition, décor can be added to chapter headings throughout the book to add a little flair and personal style to your fiction book.

  1. Professional Formatting Is Affordable

A lot of new authors incorrectly assume that fiction formatting is expensive and time-consuming. In reality, you could have your fiction book professionally formatted for a few hundred dollars. Great formatting doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!


Why Professional Fiction Formatting Makes Sense! – Conclusion

We know that you’re excited to get that fiction book published, but don’t rush or skip corners when it comes to professional fiction formatting. Our experienced design team is standing by to give you an affordable quote on any fiction formatting service.

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