What’s The Best Way To Get A Book Formatting Quote?

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What’s The Best Way To Get A Book Formatting Quote?

How to get accurate formatting quotes fast!

If you have been shopping around for someone to format your manuscript into an ebook or paperback format and wondering how the best way is to get an accurate formatting quote for paperback or ebook formats, then you’ve come to the right place!

Understandably we get a lot of requests for paperback and ebook formatting. Author across Australia and around the world have spent countless hours writing and editing their manuscript. Now they’re ready to get it formatted for uploading to Amazon or Ingram Spark or printing. It’s an exciting time!

It can be a nerve-wracking time; after all, you’re trusting your manuscript with a stranger, which can feel a little intimidating. So to make the process as smooth and simple as possible, we have prepared the following tips for getting a book formatting quote!


5 Tips For Getting A Book Formatting Quote!

  1. Send It As A Word.Doc – We love working with a great Microsoft Word document. It makes it easy to see what we’re working with and how many words there are in the document.
  2. Tell Us Your Trim Size – If you do a little research beforehand, you’ll know that you have several options when it comes to trim sizes, depending on what platform you are uploading to. Remember, the bigger the book, the more it will cost to print and the higher you’ll need to price it.
  3. Send A Sample – If you don’t feel comfortable sending your entire manuscript and it’s consistent throughout the document, then send us one or two chapters as a sample, along with how many words it is.
  4. Give Us Examples – If you have a particular style or design that you love, then send us some samples. It’ll make creating your custom design drafts much easier and faster.
  5. Send Your Cover & Genre – When you ask for your book formatting quote, send the cover and tell us what genre it is. We use different styles for different genres, which means that the sample drafts you get are more suitable to your genre.


What’s The Best Way To Get A Book Formatting Quote? – Conclusion

For most fiction books, it doesn’t matter how many words there are. We generally charge the same price for paperback and ebook formatting. However, for non-fiction books, we will need to see a copy of the manuscript to determine how complex the layout will be. We look at different factors, including images, graphics, graphs, tables, call-out boxes, and bullet points.book formatting

Getting your book formatted for uploading and publishing is almost the final step in the process, and we’re just as excited to see your final product as you are! If you have been looking for fiction book formatting, non-fiction book formatting, or children’s book formatting, then we’d love to be part of your self-publishing journey!

Contact us today for an affordable quote on any book formatting services.


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